FilmStyles Plug-in Bundle for FCP7
35 00 USD

What is FilmStyles?


FilmStyles is a set of three plug-ins for Final Cut Pro 7 that makes it simple to magically transform the look of your projects.


FilmStyles has just the right stuff to give you complete mastery of the look and visual quality of your final project. The filters are simple enough that you can get any look you want in a minute or two, yet powerful enough to get a huge range of looks and styles all by themselves.


FilmStyles is designed to give your video footage the look of film… but it just starts there.


G DVC FilmStyles

S-Gamma simulates response curve of film


Black & White Diffusion filters add glow and soften without losing sharpness


Tint with blend modes for a huge variety of looks, tint gradients for dramatic skies


Film grain control



G DVC 35mm DOF

Simulates shallow depth of field in post


Improves quality of final video


Facilitates better storytelling


Keyframeable rectangle/oval shape masks


Darken outside mask for vignetting


Invert mask for "Incognito" effect


G DVC FilmStyles 24p

Gives 60i/50i video the motion characteristics of film


Converts 60i to 30p (or 50i (PAL) to 25p)


Converts 60i to 24p with 3:2 pulldown


Smart deinterlacing preserves resolution


Motion blur control


Compatibility: requires Final Cut Pro 6 or 7 (these plugins will not work in Final Cut Pro X)

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