Mustang - The First 50 Years - Part 2
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Mustang The First 50 Years, Part 2

We visit Jack Roush Industries where they make Mustangs go even faster. See rare Mustangs and other exotic cars in the Roush Museum. Expert appraiser talks collecting value and Jeff Burgy lists the 10 most desirable Mustangs. A feature on Lee Iacocca and we visit two restoration shops, one specializing in Restomods. We cover generations 4 through 6 and the show ends with the introduction of the 2015 Mustang at the Detroit Auto Show. A mix of rare archival footage and gorgeous, new HD, wide-screen footage. Bonus: Vintage TV spots and print ads from the Ford Archives.

“Director Tom McComas does a wonderful job of bringing back the past with so much life and energy. The way McComas tells the story is brilliant. I am not surprised people bought a Mustang after seeing this movie. My recommendation to anyone who owns a Ford or a Mustang buy this DVD.” Movie Roar

“Shows how the Mustang became an icon and does it with flair and showmanship. What a sweet ride down Memory Lane.”

YAP Movie Reviews

Run time: 75 minutes

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