Mustang - The First 50 Years - Part 1
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Mustang The First 50 Years, Part 1

The Mustang redefined the Ford brand and became the companys most popular car since the Model T. “It is arguably the most important vehicle we have ever made,” says Henry Ford III. In 1960, Lee Iacocca formed a the Fairlane Committee whose mission was to design a car to appeal to the 32 million baby boomers who represented the largest retail buying force in our nations history. Interviews with Mustang designer Gale Halderman and auto historians John Clor and Matt Stone tell the Mustang story in vivid detail. Mustang expert Jeff Burgy takes us through the first three generations plus profiles on major players like Carroll Shelby. We visit a museum dedicated to Shelbys glamorous career and see Mustangs effect on pop culture. Rare Mustangs like the Hertz Rent-a-Racer and the GT350. Mustang enthusiasts explain why Mustang has the greatest following of any automobile nameplate.

“It would be terrific if all automotive history on video was as comprehensive as this one. - ★★★★"

Hemmings Motor News

“The quality of the Mustang DVD is superb and the sound and visuals are exquisite. This is definitely a DVD you will want for your library.”

The Hollywood Examiner

Run time: 75 minutes

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