2015 Fall Issue of MASTERS Mag & FRAMES Video
19 95 USD

2015 Fall Issue MASTERS Magazine & Martial Arts FRAMES Video


Nobuaki Kanazawa - On A Giant’s Shoulders

Tode Jutsu versus Karate Do - Is it the same?

Michelle Manu - Hawaiian Lua

Anthony Mirakian - The Legendary Pioneer (Part 1)

Dojo Sakura - How It All Began

Tomodachi 2015 - Kume International Championships

Karate Instructor’s Injury Survey - Does Karate Practice Hurt Us?


KAZOKU Family by Jerry Figgiani

KARATE INSIGHT Just Keeping it Real

by Rick Brewer

THE COACH WITHIN Elite Karate Technique

by Jose M. Fraguas

2015 Martial Art FRAMES Video


Nobuaki Kanazawa

Tom Muzila

Michelle Manu

Sifu Hayashi

Chinzo Machida

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