Cardio Zen Elevation
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Cardio Zen Elevation

Fitness expert Skip Jennings takes Tabata high intensity interval training to the next level in a fun, by infusing an effective mix of H.I.I.T training with the Zen of yoga. By blending cutting-edge, big-bang exercise with traditional yoga poses, this workout creates a unique balance and fitness experience. Explore Skip Jennings Cardio Zen Elevation and see how these two seemingly different workouts create the modern day ying-yang experience.

About Skip Jennings:

Skip Jennings is the author of Spirit Explosions, The Host of a Internet Radio Show; “The Shift with Skip,” a motivational speaker, trusted transformational coach, Master Trainer for Schwinn Fitness, Bosu/Headstrum Fitness, Water Rower and owner of Mind, Body, Spirit Solutions LLC. Skip’s presentations have been featured with IDEA Health and Fitness Association and conventions such as: Sara City Workouts, Can Fit Pro, and IRHSA USA and IRHSA Latin America.

Skip is certified by AFAA, ACE, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from NYU. With 25 years of experience, over fifteen qualifications in fitness and nutrition, and licensed as spiritual counselor/life coach, Skip continues to help transform the planet one life at a time.

Skip Jennings transformation guidance and expertise can also be found on Ideafit.comSkipJennings.comFacebookYouTube, and Twitter. Skip Jennings has transformed the lives of many clients with spiritual principles and philosophies empowering the Mind, Body and Spirit. Skip continues to help transform the planet one life at a time.

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