Uncaged & Free: Understanding, Implementing and Overcoming the Caged System
19 00 USD

The CAGED system has become the most popular of many methods for understanding how to navigate the guitar fingerboard. In this program, Rolly Brown discusses its strengths and weaknesses, how to use it in order to get the maximum result with the least effort, and how to transcend its weaknesses, becoming able to move up and down the neck in the most fluid and fluent fashion.


• The five neck positions and their chord structures

• The five most effortless major scale fingerings

• Superimposition of scales and chords

• Understanding chord movement in each position

• Blues scale fingerings • Minor scales

• Horizontal and vertical concepts of navigation

• Overcoming CAGED with interval scales, horizontal scales, sliding pentatonic scales, and arpeggios

Duration: 121 minutes

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