The Guitarist's Personal Practice Trainer - 10 Min a Day to Better Technique & Finger Fitness
24 95 USD

Andrew DuBrock's Personal Practice Trainer provides you with an hour-and-a-half's worth of warm-ups, exercises and etudes, along with a comprehensive plan to help you organize your practice time so you really see results! By working with his powerful set of musical tools for just 10 minutes a day, you'll gain finger strength and dexterity along with improved timing, tone and over-all guitar versatility.

Create your own working schedule or print out and follow Andrew's unique Ten Week Practice Planner and Exercise Worksheet.

Using a flatpick and a metronome, Andrew methodically teaches scales, "string manipulations" (hammers, pull-offs, vibrato, bends, etc.), chord work, pick technique, arpeggios, progressions and several musical pieces that you'll quickly put to use in your everyday playing.

Regardless of your current skill level or preferred musical style, this DVD gives you a plan of action towards becoming a better player.

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