Timber Tigers - 7 DAY RENTAL
1 99 USD

Timber Tigers resulted from a national tour of forest areas that Richards made in 1970-71. The film contains footage of seldom seen giant forest-cutting machinery that harvested and hauled trees of all sizes across the country. The film exposes the forestry industry’s approach to logging: “After us, the deluge and the desert.” Deforestation results from corporate logging practices of clear cutting. Approaching the environment as an input to create profits, corporations failed to take into account the impact of ecological devastation left behind on logged out hillsides. Deforestation not only removed the forest from the land, it also destroyed the habitat of animals, birds and insects that contribute to a healthy environment. It contributes to global warming and the high rate of extinction of species around the globe. Corporate logging led to the collapse of local economies built during the logging boom once the forests were logged out.


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