The Stump Makers - 7 DAY RENTAL
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The Stump Makers delivers an indictment of the wasteful forestry practices and ecological devastation caused by the major logging companies operating in California and Oregon in the 1960s. Using some of the same footage as Wasted Woods, this film documents the impact of clear cutting on the environment and the logging communities reliant upon the industry. Traveling on logging roads into the coastal mountains of California and Oregon, Richards followed the logging crews into the last great stands of old growth redwoods and documented their complete annihilation under the tracks of bulldozers, chainsaws and giant log loaders. When the crews finished their work, they left mountainsides denuded, the rich deep soils, built up over millennia, pushed into creeks and scarred with logging roads and deep gullies. Corporate policies took no notice and assumed no responsibility for the ecological destruction of the forests. When the profits dried up, the corporations abandoned the mills, the logging towns and the clear cut mountains, leaving the local populations and environments to suffer the consequences.


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