Hot Damn! - 7 DAY RENTAL
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Hot Damn! contains footage of the 1965 Bay Area peace movement at a time when the Vietnam War was escalating rapidly. Segments include the Berkeley, California, troop train demonstrations; the Committee for Non Violent Action (CNVA) peace protest at the Oakland Army Base; the October 15-16, 1965 International Days of Protest peace marches from Berkeley to Oakland by the Vietnam Day Committee, ending in massive confrontation with local police at the Oakland/Berkeley border; and the subsequent march one month later to Defermery Park in Oakland. Hot Damn! offered the public unique footage of the 1965 Bay Area anti-war protests at a time when mainstream media downplayed and ignored the protests. The student peace movement grew out of the militant civil rights demonstrations and mass arrests that occurred in 1963 and 1964 in the Bay Area (see Decision in the Streets for more about these events). As the Vietnam war escalated and the draft threatened students with induction into a dirty war in Asia, radical student attention shifted to the protesting the Vietnam War. The 1965 International Days of Protest ended mainstream media silence and announced to the country and the world that many in the U.S. opposed the war policies of the Lyndon Johnson administration.


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