We'll Never Turn Back - 7 DAY RENTAL
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We’ll Never Turn Back was filmed in Mississippi in 1963 during the dangerous voter registration drives of that era. Amzie Moore, a Mississippi NAACP activist, escorted the film maker through rural Mississippi interviewing share croppers and activists in the voter registration campaign. Appearing in the film are Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) leaders Julian Bond, Bob Moses, and Fannie Lou Hamer, as well as local civil rights leaders, such as Jesse Harris, Sam Block, Willie Peacock, Charles McLaurin and Hollis Watkins. We’ll Never Turn Back contains unique footage of share croppers and voter registration activists telling their stories of heroism and hardship encountered in their fight to gain the right to vote in Mississippi in 1963. Fannie Lou Hamer tells her story of being evicted from the Marlow plantation where she had worked for 18 years. Hollis Watkins sings freedom songs and speaks his mind. Julian Bond and Bob Moses tell about their goals and views of the situation in Mississippi. The camera visits the family of Herbert Lee, murdered in 1962 for his attempts to register to vote. Sharecroppers tell their stories in their own words. During that time, many who participated in the filming did so without giving their names because of the fear of reprisals against them for standing up for their right to vote. The making of this film, and Dream Deferred made in 1964, is the subject of "Primary Source Documentaries: The Making of We’ll Never Turn Back(1963) and Dream Deferred (1964)" by Paul Richards, PhD.


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