Stefan Grossman & Tom Feldmann and The History of Spanish Tuning
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The Open G Tuning has been part of the fingerstyle repertoire since 1830. In this 55 minute show, Stefan Grossman and Tom Feldmann discuss how this tuning evolved and was used in Parlor Music, folk tunes, Hawaiian Melodies and Country Blues. Stefan and Tom perform a variety of instrumentals. For further information about Stefan and Tom check out Enjoy!

Track Listing:

Spanish Fandango (3/4 Time): Intro

Spanish Fandango (4/4 Time): 7:29-9:05

Frankie: 10:45-11:56

Poor Boy Long Way From Home: 13:46-17:34

C.C. Rider: 18:21-19:48

Blues in G a la Son House: 21:22-23:34

Banty Rooster: 25:02-26:45

Delta Duet: 27:58-30:16

Special Rider Blues: 32:56-37:29

Terraplane Blues: 39:24-41:29

Just a Closer Walk with Thee: 45:25-49:17

Duet: 51:09-54:13

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