Burn At The Barre Teacher Training Vol. I
299 00 USD

Become a Burn at the Barre Instructor. Level I is comprehensive 10-hour+ program.

Burn at the Barre™ is a superior program due to its creativity, safety and it’s limitless versatility. The program has a set “matrix” to follow for easy programming with “plug in” modules to add variety, fun and challenge to the workout. Your clients will experience powerful body-transforming results that compliments the Pilates work.

“Thanks so much. I love this program and I can’t wait to check out Level II. I have been taking barre classes for 7 years: bar method, pure barre, physique 57, barre flow…. etc, and this one is hands down THE BEST!! I have gotten the best results with Burn at the Barre.” - Nicole Smith , NC

Each student will learn:

• Fundamentals of client assessment and alignment protocol

• “Burn at the Barre™” class programming tools in a user friendly format for all levels

• Choreography that follows a structure with room to be creative

• Modifications and variations

• Use of props such as balls and bands

• You will learn how to lead your Barre class with confidence and creativity


- Burn at the Barre™ focuses on proper form and body alignment to avoid -injury

- Specific props are incorporated to sculpt the arms, core and narrow the waistline

- A fully photographic manual will be provided to you (Study DVD’s also avail.)

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