Manage Your Relationships Discover Authentic Love: Companion Book to Aero*boga (Volume 1)
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The most important things in life are health and relationships. They are the foundation of existence, without which nothing can exist. We often take them for granted losing touch with the nature of love. Aero*boga is fitness for the body, the mind and the soul. It is about love and appreciation, for it is from a place of authentic love that we truly learn to appreciate both our health and our relationships.

Step inside and begin to discover insights and practical tools to help you learn to discover the nature of love so that it will bring you success, happiness and health. This is the compliment book to Aero*boga™ the DVD that will take you on a cosmic dance through the universe.

Doctor Lynn holds a Ph.D. in Health and a Doctorate of Naturopathy. She is a yoga therapist and fitness professional. She has lectured extensively in the field of natural health, including the Deepak Chopra Center, Tiffany Kim Institute, ECA, Motion Picture Wellness Center, Fitness Resources, and as an ACE Faculty member. She is a Master Aroma-therapist and creator of Doctor Lynn’s Nectars; herbal elixirs for the body, mind and soul.

She is a contributing writer to the Huffington Post, has appeared in Shape, Self, Redbook, Prevention, Natural Health, I-Village, Weight Watchers and other national publications.

From her students:

“Dr Lynn is vibrant, engaging and inspirational.”

“Aero*boga and the lessons from her book are inspiring and energizing.”

“I love Aero*boga! I think it’s exactly what I needed to shake up my exercise routine.”

“Dr Anderson’s lectures spoke to me. She seemed to know where I was heading.”

“Her voice and soothing demeanor is calming and at the same time energizing.”

“She is informative and easy to understand. She connects with us in a warm and caring way.”

“Love, love, love Aero*boga and the lessons!”

“She is dedicated, passionate and inspirational.”

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