Dr. Lynn's Anti-Aging Yoga-Dance
12 95 USD

Doctor Lynn Anderson's Anti-Aging Yoga-Dance

Welcome to Aero*boga, Doctor Lynn’s Anti-Aging Yoga-Dance workout. Combining aerobic dance and yoga with the cosmic energy of the universe, Dr. Lynn created Aero*bogaTM. Aero*boga is a full body- mind and spiritual workout. In one hour you will get all the benefits of aerobic dance and yoga. Aging brings on bone loss and loss of balance, flexibility and muscle tone. Yoga and dance have both been shown to improve and slow the process of aging.

This simple Yoga dance workout will help strengthen your bone, improve both flexibility and balance and build muscle tone while burning about 400 calories! However, Aero*boga is more than a workout. It’s a cosmic journey that teaches us to value our health and to always give and receive from a place of authentic love. This is the true secret to fitness, health and anti-aging!

As a wife, mother, grandmother and cancer survivor I can tell you that the two most important things in your life are your health and your relationships. They will keep you forever young. So get up and dance to Aero*boga!

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