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TreeSchoolers Science Complete Collection

Learn science through songs and signs! This multi-sensory program includes digital videos, MP3 music albums and activity guides for parents and teachers. 

  • A RAINY DAY teaches weather concepts and the importance of never giving up.
  • PLANTS AND FLOWERS teaches how plants grow and the value of working together.
  • INCREDIBLE INSECTS explores how even small things can be really important! 
  • AWESOME ANIMALS shows how all animals (and people) have unique talents.
  • THE AMAZING HUMAN BODY teaches how human bodies work, inside and out.
  • HAPPY, HEALTHY ME teaches kids how to keep their bodies healthy and safe.
  • SCIENTIFIC REASONING teaches the steps of the Scientific Reasoning Cyce.
  • EXTRAORDINARY EARTH teaches about continents, seasons, and convervation.
  • OUR SOLAR SYSTEM teaches about the sun, moon, stars, planets, and more!

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers:

  • Prepares your child for kindergarten
  • Teaches essential academic concepts
  • Teaches children HOW to learn
  • Teaches social skills and values
  • Physically engages kids in learning

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